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Orion Luggage Mobile Luggage Billboard now has become a one-piece luggage with a value of over $100. The 20 inch Carryon comes with a four wheel trolley system and has a two year warranty. Take it anywhere while standing straight up with ease. No more pulling 24 pounds down the airport corridor or up the stairs to ticketing or baggage claim. It is an easy go for all who own one.

We have made some mistakes, we did not anticipate that the sign ups would outweigh the advertisers. We are going to make good on our mistakes. Through these hick ups we know how to move forward with lots of great anticipation to give the public traveler all over the world a great program and have for them other wonderful products they can use each and every time they travel.

Sometime in late summer we will announce our first Mobile Luggage Billboard Campaign. We had over 2 million folks sign up last fall. Many of which were scams with false names and addresses. We sent out countless alerts and notifications all of which went to spam filters.

We built a Social Network for Travelers, it was having many problems with sign ups. So we went out and invested in a great fool proof platform that any 5th grader can sign up to and gain entrance into one of the coolest Social Networks for Travelers anywhere with tons of great things to discover as a traveler.

Once our platforms start to take off and we gain revenue from our 17 different sources we will be going into another 25 countries. We currently have investors in 12 countries.

Our mobile billboard platform will be taking off in a major way for the Christmas Travel Season. So far we have over 5 bag programs beginning in the November Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Season. From there we will see how the public, the advertisers, and the eyes all over the world will perceive our programs.

We look forward to serving everyone who joins our platforms.

Thank you for your gracious support over the last 7 months.

Gary German
Orion Travel Tech, Inc.
Headquarters in Honolulu Hawaii and in Orlando Florida


Here's where the value comes in for the traveler!

Orion luggage covers let you personalize your own luggage the way you want it as you elect advertisers to be placed on the other side, guaranteeing you a less expensive luggage set and no baggage fees!

Once you become a Mileage Rewards Program Member with us, you will receive free baggage fees by using your points, extra rewards, real time travel coupons, and a way of expressing yourself while traveling.

Advertisers, marketers, and promoters can now have their brands showcased in-front of a mass audience while letting their loyal customers do all the work. From New York to Los Angeles, all in a day. Sweet Deal!

Our advertisers, marketers, and promoters come from known brands, such as the NFL, local charities, FIFA World Class Soccer Teams, national flags, super hero characters, Frozen, Star Wars, and much more. Orion covers it all…LITERALLY!


You’re placing your luggage into your car to take to the airport. You arrive outside the terminal, take out your luggage, and walk to the ticket kiosk or the ticket counter. You drop off your bags that you want to store under the plane. Then, you take your carry-on items through the TSA line and wait again. From there, you head to the tram or train to your departing gate and arrive at the terminal. You go get coffee or a meal before heading to the gate. Then you stand in another long line while waiting to board your flight. You enter inside the plane and finally place your carry-on items in the luggage compartment above your seat.....

You arrive at your destination and head toward the baggage carousel. You wait for a while trying to figure out where your bag is along with other passengers who are looking around worried that their luggage is potentially lost and/or stolen. Once you retrieve your bags, you walk outside of the baggage claim and exit the airport to visit the rental car location. You wait in another line for your car and then drive to your hotel or resort. You’re waiting in yet another long line at the check-in counter and finally arrive in your room. Your luggage has just been seen at over 14 possible stops all over the world in a 24 hour period.

Orion Travel Tech is the first travel company that gives back to its customers by offering them free baggage fees while traveling on commercial airlines. Orion pays for your round trip baggage fees by becoming the world's first Mobile Traveling Billboard Luggage Trolley with a front and back advertising wrap. Orion also allows customers to personalize their own luggage with an interchangeable graphic that they choose from a number of on-going promotional campaigns that occur throughout the year.

The Orion Luggage Advertising Billboard not only travels through airport terminals, TSA lines, ticketing, and baggage carousels, but it also travels via train, bus, cruise line and 4 wheel vehicles. All this made available by international, domestic, and regional advertisers and sponsors. Orion's free luggage two-piece set consists of a 21-inch hard-shell carry-on 4 wheel trolley and a 29-inch hard-shell trolley. Both luggage come with a 2 year warranty. Advertisers can wrap up to 1 million luggage sets that produce huge amounts of impressions within a 4-6 week promotional campaign. Campaign sizes are 10,000 to 1 Million or more. Promotional campaigns are also geared toward trains, cruise ships, buses, ferries, cars, and trucks. Essentially, whatever form of transportation you travel on, Orion goes with you!

One side of the Orion Trolley is wrapped by participating advertisers. They include, but are not limited to airlines, car rental companies, a Presidential Campaign, a new fall TV show, a hotel chain, an online travel booking company, a cruise line, a resort, Military Recruiting, a mobile carrier, a large online retail chain, or even famous amusement parks. Essentially, it's a NASCAR hood that can travel the world in a day! On the other side of the luggage are brands that want to promote to their customers or gain new ones. It’s a whole new way to personalize…paid for by participating sponsors. "After 5 years of traveling and watching many fellow travelers frustrated with the fact that they have to pay for baggage fees, I decided to jump in and try to alleviate the pain that they were having. With the invention of hard-shell luggage, it is now possible to approach advertisers and promoters with a whole new set of eyes combined with personalization. What's unique about this luggage, it literally can go worldwide in a day!" said, Gary German, Orion's Founder.


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