About Orion Travel Tech

ORION Travel Tech was founded by Mr. Gary German, a former Continental Airlines Flight Attendant, Skinit Director, Ad Executive, Feature Film Promotions Director, and Mobile Tech Person.

"I believe it was time to create something simple, that the entire travel industry could wrap themselves around and that the customer can finally be right.”

Orion luggage will be the ONLY MOBILE BILLBOARD that goes GLOBAL. How do we do this? By becoming the world's first traveling billboard trolley with a front and back advertising wrap.


What We Offer

For Our Members:
For the moment as we launch our various platforms. We are now implementing alongside our Patent Pending Mobile luggage billboard another free Luggage offer.

When you purchase anything on our Aloha Booking Engine, our Orion Shop, our family exchange travel program, MyCasaUrCasa, through our Social Network for Travelers called LetzGO.org we will send you a free Orion Travel 20 inch 4 wheel trolley hard shell luggage with a two year warranty. We are simply showing our gratitude for staying with us through our super growth spirt in the last 7 months.

We currently have several programs with our advertising sponsorship luggage coming out in December 2016. This will be exciting not only for us and you of course but for our sponsors.

When our sponsorship luggage billboard gains more momentum we will have many-many bag programs to giveaway. The great thing about this company is we are coming up with great platforms that help each and every one of our members. We have the opportunity to be the best in this industry and we cannot do it without you.

You will be reading more about Orion all summer long and into the fall months as all of our platforms roll-out!

For Our Shareholders:

We are an aggressive company with investment behind us!

We are engaged in selling our right to over 35 countries internationally, currently we are engaged in 12 countries worldwide.

We are building over 20 mobile apps that will allow users and easier time when the travel

We have over 20 Tourism’s from LGBT, Medical, Sports, Eco, Xstreme, Star Wars, Flaming Man, Zombie and Space tourism to name a few all under one roof for our members to choose something they have never tried before.

We have two Orion’s’ Belt (Airport Lounges) launching in late 2016 and more in 2017. We are targeting Rio, Miami, Orlando and Atlanta as our first roll-outs.

Our store front offers our very own Political Presidential Luggage, Corporate logo Luggage and our very own Smart Luggage designs featuring Weigh station, charging stations, alert system and GPS tracker all in one hard shell very durable suitcase. Our store offers great merchandise for all travelers of any age.

Our Platforms

  • Ahoy! Our in country private travel guide/Concierge/Photographer available 24/7 made up of retired expats all over the world who speak several languages and who know it all! Very UBER LIKE!
  • Aloha! Our Digital Booking Engine that offers 15 more choices before check-out
  • MyCasaUrCasa-our worldwide Family Exchange Program-where families engage with each other and at the end of the day become best friends for life.
  • Letzgo! Is an international Social Network made up of travelers only! A super large social Network offering advertising, travel tools, Tourisms, travel blogs, Store fronts, Travel Buddies, Travel Hook Ups, App Games and tons more.

Patent Pending Mobile Billboard Luggage-2016 4 major campaigns beginning in the fall through next year and beyond.


What We Believe

Travel is the BEES KNEES
"With the invention of hard-shell luggage, it has made it possible to approach advertisers, promoters, and marketers with personalization. What's unique about this? You can ALTERNATE styles! Most people hate commercials, but, they love the content. ORION IS THE CONTENT!

The Orion Trolley luggage will be available through Amazon and 4 other large retail outlets domestically 6 weeks before the weekend of October 1st at a fraction of the cost.

How? - Advertisers will pay for the majority of the trolley cost. Customers will choose from 4 photographic, high resolution graphics of their favorite sports teams, movies, destinations, cars, universities, and more.

Advertisers will also place their own company graphics on the luggage depending on which company the customer supports, such as Delta, Jet Blue, Bank of America, etc.

Orion Founders Biography

Digital strategist - Consumer Licensing Pro-Mobile APP & Content Specialist-Seasoned Entrepreneur in the Aviation, Travel, Mobile Content Device and technology industries.

Mr. German has over 20 years of experience in aviation, travel, entertainment marketing, digital and mobile strategy, consumer licensing, and as an Idea and Naming Consultant. Presently he is a Futurist helping major companies with what their existing products will look like within a three year window. He also started a successful Food Cart Business in Thailand named “The Fat Banana” to help needy Thai families become successful entrepreneurs.

He has founded five successful businesses and has taken two companies through an IPO. He has licensed many consumer products, invented mobile games, developed mobile apps, written three screen plays, and one book. At this moment, he is working on a new book titled “The Halo Affect”, a Da Vinci Code - like mystery covering the “Lost Years of Christ.”

In the late 80’s, he was the National Promotions Director for Movies USA, a 1 million circulation advertisement - driven publication distributed in movie theaters. The magazine was sold in 1992 to E-TV.

In 1993, he, and a team of engineers came up with a way to transform, decode, and compress analog video to a LAN using 10BaseT, and regurgitated it into digital video, a key technology that was called “Video on Demand”. Later, it would become streaming video to the Internet. He later worked at getting this digital technology into the seat backs of major airlines around the globe, newsrooms across the world, and cruise ship cabins.

While participating in national promotions with the feature film industry, he became involved with product placement opportunities and national promotion tie-ins with all the major studios. Using this experience, he started projects with social media and combining these programs into the Smart phone industry by starting location based services for marketing and advertising purposes. He later used his experiences to license 3D mobile games of internationally distributed feature films.

In 1997 he dove into the Internet and started sTupid PC, the first PC manufacturer to sell a sub $1000 PC that included the monitor and delivery of the product to the door. It also included free instructions.

In 1999, he started CoolMan, the first home controlled voice recognition all-in-one computer system using voice and touch screen to self-automate the home and office. From that product, “Ginger”, the first Tablet PC with touch screen app’s was born.

Also, in 1999, he started AgeSpan, a senior portal concentrating on the senior citizen marketplace and training seniors with today's technology. In 2000, he sold 90% of the company.

In 2002 until the present, as a Mobile Licensing Specialist and Strategist, he has licensed countless products and top brands. He licensed these major brands for 3D mobile games, mobile apps, and mobile awareness campaigns for various mobile carrier groups in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. He has been involved with mobile device designs by creating the first dual mobile phone allowing face time functionality.

In 2008, he was instrumental in putting together the first Internet device into an automobile with Orion Entertainment Systems.

Today, Mr. German is involved again at launching a worldwide phenomenon called Orion Travel Technologies. The First Mobile Luggage Advertising Billboard.

Gary German
Orion Founder and CEO

1st In Auto Voice Active Internet/WiFi

1st Voice Active All-In-One PC With Apps

1st MVNO To Offer Unlimited Text/Data

AirView Touchscreen VOD On Planes


Fast Food Restaurant Concept
Ulyseas DRM Anti-Pirate Program
Premium Kona Coffee
Publicity For Tech CEOs
EarJo’s 1st Voice Activate Wireless Earbuds
Orbit E3 Retro Audio Plaza EarJo’s 1st


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